My Progress So Far

December 13th, 2016

When I was looking for sources it all seemed to gel together. I thought I had more than enough sources to pull the paper in the right direction. My biggest issue thus far is that incorporating theoretical work into my paper is relatively easy but it seems like I need to find other sources, because the material is just not enough. Personally, I haven’t spent enough time on my paper so I can’t complain as to why its not coming together. But trying to put the sources into discussion without just summarizing them or paraphrasing them is a challenge at the moment. I think Gaipa’s strategy #8 should be helpful but it’s easier said then done. I have been attempting to somehow incorporate Bloom’s theory on pleasure into my work, but it just seems like I am forcing it. I am still missing one of my sources, which has made me put brakes on my work.

I am excited about my topic. So this has kept me from despairing too much. I know if I spend time on it, I will be able to put the essay together. I am considering using another of Huxley’s novel and how he represents pleasure in Point Counter Point. But I don’t want to jump on that idea yet.

Most of my problems are because I haven’t managed my time properly, and haven’t gotten hold of all my sources. But I think I can make a comeback.

2 Responses to “My Progress So Far”

  1. Jason Tougaw on December 15, 2016 4:50 pm

    I wouldn’t worry too much about what’s missing. That may become clear as you write. Or it may turn out you’re not really missing anything. You’ll have time to fill in gaps. I’m really curious to learn more about all these theories of pleasure–and how they differ and overlap.

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    My Progress So Far at Mind Over Matter

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